List of Talks

Tech and Society

1. The future of the future – Basic

30-45 Mins


The Road to Homo Sapiens 2.0. The future of mankind and technology.

2. The future of the future – Extended

60-90 Mins


The Road to Homo Sapiens 2.0. The future of mankind and technology.

Extended technology review including a social and moral discussion on implications

3. The last Machine


30-45 Mins

A comprehensive discussion of exponential technology and its implication on human work and economy.

4. 9 Coffees for Captain Hook

25-40 Mins


Toward the age of no disability. Captain Hook needs coffee. We need to give him a hand. How technology will solve all our disabilities and make us superhumans.

5. The future of Education

30-45 Mins

What is the role of education in a fast-changing world? How can we prepare the next generation to a fast-techno robotic world?

Entrepreneurship and my story

1. 10 common Mistakes Entrepreneurs make

20-40 Mins

A story of entrepreneurship told by mistakes and failures. 10 lessons.

2. Entrepreneurship 10 Commandments

25-40 Mins

A systematic look at entrepreneurship. A 10 Step guide with stories of real Israeli entrepreneurs.

3. It takes a village

20-40 Mins

My story. From childhood to starting a company, managing it for 24 years selling it and finding what is next.

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Conferences and Events

Startup Awards - Bratislava

South Summit Madrid – Spain

LOGIN Startup Fair - Vilnius, Lithuania

Bet Torah Synagogue - NY

Non Profit

Latet Organization Annual Conference

Elem - Youth in Distress Organization Annual Conference

The Boring Conference

Nitzan Organization Annual Conference

Ruppin Annual Conference

Adler Institute Annual Conference

Peres Center for Peace & Innovation Annual Conference